Korean Farmin’

This week was pretty rough.  I’m not sure why exactly, but I was exhausted on Monday and it didn’t end until right now…5:15pm on Friday.

Monday to Wednesday were fairly typical.  We had the usual fights of “He’s teasing me”, “She’s hitting me”, “She’s flicking boogers at me.” “He’s picking his nose”.  Speaking of picking noses, on Tuesday my really bratty, trouble maker student was picking his nose so much it started to bleed.  When he came back from having his nose taken care of he was very quiet and still the rest of the day.  Thinking he might be queasy at the sight of blood, I asked him if he was ok and he said yes very quietly.  I later found out that my boss told him if he moved around too much, or talked to loudly, his nose would start bleeding again!  It worked! He was quiet and still ALL DAY, which is unheard of.  Next time, I’m going to tell him if he doesn’t sit down and be quiet his legs are going to fall off…and his head…fingers crossed that it will work!

Our big adventure for the week was the field trip to Jinju farms about 35 minutes from Osan where I work.  We arrived via school bus at the farm and saw a horse, cows, chickens, and some sort of vine looking trees…I thought it was grape.  The first thing we did was ride in a wagon pulled by a tractor (a John Deere, I might add).  The kids loved it although at first the bumpy ride scared them.  We were only going 10kmp, but it felt much much faster and there were in fact several times where I got my hopes up that a child might accidentally fall out (kidding!).

After the tractor ride we walked through the orchard looking are and I found out the trees I thought were grape trees were actually pear trees.  There were no other crops.  Only pears, which was interesting.  After the brief walk through the pear orchard we went to feed calves.  It was hilarious to see how scared of the calves the kids were.  I had to keep pushing them closer to the calves so they could actually reach the bottles.  I even forced my kids to pet the calves (GASP!) and after they realized their hands weren’t going to be bitten off they really enjoyed it.

After feeding calves we went to milk cows.  And interestingly enough, I got to milk my first cow in Korea!  Who would have guessed?  It was surprisingly gross feelings the utter and the warm milk.  Also the cow almost kicked over the seat I was sitting on and I could have landed in a little cow poop, which would have ruined my day.  The kids, however, found it quite hilarious.  Jerks.

After the field trip we got on the bus and I was EXHAUSTED.  I could barely keep my eyes open and I wasn’t the only one.  4 of my 5 students fell asleep immediately and I can’t say I was upset about it.  Of course, the little trouble maker (sitting RIGHT beside me) kept telling me “Teacher, I’m not tired.  Teacher, I’m not tired. Teacher, I’m not tired”.

She was done.

Now, it’s finally the weekend and I couldn’t be happier even though I’m currently running on 2 cups of coffee just so I can stay awake past 9pm.

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