End of Week 6

It’s FRIDAY in Korea and I’m done with all of my classes for the day.  Twiddling my thumbs as I wait another hour before I can leave and head to Seoul for the weekend.

Some highlights from this week:

I learned how truly coordinated one of my students is when he purposely jumped up just in time to sneeze right in my face.

I learned that when a 6 year old Korean child with no knowledge of English pronunciation says the word “fish” it sounds surprisingly similar to “bitch”, yet when he says “fork” it’s more like “f*ck”.  I don’t know how the “f” sound can come out with one word, but not the other.  And no, this isn’t the student who regularly uses the “f” word when I tell the class to do something and he doesn’t want to do it.

I also had a little girl poke my stomach after lunch and say, “Teacher,”(pause and try to think of the English words), “Your tummy…………….uh…..uh……um…BABY!”  I have no idea whether she was A) calling me fat B) asking if I was pregnant C) letting me know that I can have a baby.  Either way my response was, “No, no, no, no nonononononononono!!!!!!”

Another regular ritual for the kids is to start crying after they’ve been teasing each other and then pushing each other.  So it was a little refreshing when the only student who cried today cried because she accidentally fell out of her chair.  I have to say, I laughed a little. It’s a half a foot drop!  Come on kid, suck it up!  And of course my boss was walking by the classroom at that point, but at least it wasn’t me or another student who caused those tears. It was a win!

We had a birthday party today for the four students who have birthdays in April.  All four students are in my two classes.  We got juice and cake (fantastic, a sugar high) and sang happy birthday.  Two of the birthday students dressed up.  One girl as Elsa, from Frozen and the other boy (the one who sneezed in my face) was dressed up as Spiderman.

All in all an exhausting and slightly frustrating week (the kids were not super excited or interested in classes this week), but I did it and now it’s the weekend and I’m going to Gangnam tonight and Itaewon (both neighborhoods in Seoul) tomorrow and I can’t wait!

And here are some shots of my school:

Inside the Monkey Classroom.

My “office” with the other English teachers.  My cube is the farthest one on the left.

My classrooms: Monkey and Koala

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