Last Hump Day of the First Month

I survived the first month of classes (well, technically I have 2 more days left before it’s a full month, but who’s counting..) and things have gotten better.  However, being around children has taught me several important things.
1) Buttons, zippers, and shoe laces become your mortal enemy.
2) Opening milk cartons is the bane of your existence
3) It’s a good day if you make it through without one of your students (or you) crying
4) You can always blame your farts on a random kid in the class
5) You will never, ever be 100% healthy again because at least one kid in the school is carrying some sort of illness that soon all the kids will get and then it’s only a matter of time before you’re struck down by the plague.  Ok, maybe not the plague, but the fever, sore throat, body aches, and tiredness I have are making me feel like I’m about to die and all I can think is “It was that little bastard who coughed on me as I was zipping his damn coat”.

Things are getting easier in the classroom since I’ve come to realize you have approximately 25 minutes to teach the class something, 10 of which are spent just getting them to sit down and be quiet and the other 15 actually trying to get them to learn.  Then at exactly 25 minutes they start saying, “Teacher, home time”, “Teacher I’m tired”, “Teacher helpa me (that’s how they say it, ‘helpa’, which is kind of cute)”.

It also surprises me when after a day of yelling at them and getting frustrated with them and forcing them to do school work (yes, some of  them are shocked we have to do worksheets in school) at the end of the day they will always say “Bye Emily teacher” and give you a gift of two tiny plastic, white balls that are actually a fertilizing agent for trees (the little girl who gave these to me told me they were seeds from a tree.  Maybe she was hoping I’d eat them and die, who knows). They’re tricky little devils, but I’m kind of, sort of starting to like them.

Here they are before after school cooking class.

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