Talking to Teachers

This weekend I went to Suwon on Saturday and visited the “Mr. Toilet Museum”.  It was very interesting and also free.  It was a museum dedicated solely to the development of toilets throughout the country of Korea.  There were more sculptures of people pooping and statues of poop than actual toilets, which I wasn’t expecting.  Inside of the museum (that’s shaped like a toilet, of course) there was a drawing contest done by kids and all of the pictures had to incorporate a picture of poop in them.  The sculptures were outside and it was a beautiful day and we met two other English teachers, one from Canada and one from North Carolina.  It was reassuring to hear that the Canadian teacher also struggled with kindy kids (it’s not just me!).  We also met up with some friends of a friend who all taught kindy kids and they gave me lots of good advice about teaching them and being patient and how to manage a classroom.  That’s one thing the websites and blogs don’t tell you about teaching in Korea; it’s really, really hard.  You make good money, and it’s a fun country, but it’s exhausting to teach little kids who are never tired and are constantly running around and fighting.  Regardless, it feels good to know all English teachers struggle with little kids.

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