Saint Patrick’s Day in Seoul

On Friday night, after work, I went straight to Seoul and Steve and I stayed in the Hongdae area again.  The streets were packed with college students and cars trying to weave down the tiny streets.  We checked into our hostel, Fortune Hostel, and it was…..something I would not recommend.  It was cheap, but the bathrooms were shared ones and gross and they didn’t have sinks.  We went out and about and mostly people watched.  After getting turned away from 3 bars (“Korean only!”) we finally found a bar called “Shamrock and Roll” an Irish pub that had good beer and people who spoke English.  Had a good time there and by that time it was almost midnight so we decided to start heading back to our hostel so Steve could make curfew.  We stopped at a restaurant on the way back and it had THE BEST Korean bbq that I’ve had in korea yet.  I’m not sure what they did to the meat, but it was delicious.  The next day we walked around Hongdae and went to the free market.  There were a lot of artists selling their goods and almost all of the items were handcrafted.  There was jewelry, leather bags, metal work, and so many other interesting things like handmade nylons with unique designs.  The weather was beautiful and we decided to look for a bar where we could sit outside and drink a beer (it was almost Saint Patrick’s day!) but we walked around for one and a half hours!  There were several Irish pubs, but they were all closed.  So much for Seoul being a city that never sleeps…more like sleeps from 6am to 2pm.  But we finally found a place that had a patio and beer and we were content.

After a beer we made our way back to our hostel to pick up our bags and head to the Incheon port where we were going to get on a St. Patrick’s Day cruise ship.  The boat was fairly big and there were about 150 people.  Steve’s friends and I started a game of flip cup and before long everyone wanted to join our game.  They also shot fireworks off of the boat, which didn’t seem that safe considering the boat wasn’t that big and we were standing about 20 feet away from where they were shooting them off, but we survived.  After the cruise we went back to Songtan for the night.  It was another fun weekend with beautiful, warm, and finally 60 degree weather!

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