Survival of Week 2

It’s Friday in Korea and I have one day left of school for this week.  I hope my kids are good today because yesterday they were quite wild and terrible.  I had two kids break down in tears after another student teased them, but don’t worry, I handled it and even hugged one of the students (I know, me! Hugging a child!).  I was also coughed on about 20 times and used hand sanitizer 100 times in the first two hours of class.

I’m finding that each class (Koala-6 year olds without any English and Monkey-6 year olds with 1 year of English) has its ups and downs.  Monkey class is loud and wild, but they understand what I want them to do if they take the time to listen, which they usually don’t.  And Koala class is quiet and cute, but they don’t have any idea what I want them to do and they get frustrated and bored fairly quickly with the lessons “car”, “I jump”, singing the alphabet, etc.  I’m also finding that Korean people worry a lot about their kids.  A student got a small scratch on the back of his neck (because he was rough housing during library time with another student) and my boss asked if I saw how it happened and where he was when it happened.  I think the parents are going to wonder why their child is “hurt”, but what kid doesn’t get a scratch ever?

Anyway, my boss wanted me (and the other 3 English teachers at the school) to go to the doctor’s office on Saturday to get our physicals done (you need a physical to get your alien residency card, which you need to get to get paid–important!), BUT I already had plans in Seoul so I will have to go next week, alone.  Hopefully the doctor speaks a little English…fingers crossed.

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